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Plaza Video Update – Reflecting Pool. Welcome to the first of a video series providing additional insight on the progress of the plaza construction.


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November/December 2017

Previous Months

This time-lapse video below takes you through the construction at the Mass Ave Lawn and the Reflecting Pool from the last several months till date. The images are captured every 30 minutes.






Work that has been completed or that is in-process at this point:

  • Exterior scaffolding is nearing completion on the East face of the Extension in preparation for restoration of limestone surfaces, and elements and waterproofing of the entire facade.
  • The interiors of The Mother Church are being enclosed in plastic in preparation for localized cutting of surfaces to accommodate rewiring of the entire electrical and fire alarm system.
  • Significant woodpile inspections conducted in late 2016 determined approximately 40% need repair. A sophisticated system of sensors has been placed throughout the churches and foundations to identify future problems before they cause uneven settlement and cracking.
  • Replacement of the original slate roof covering The Mother Church was completed in 2016.  While the slate was remarkably intact, copper flashing had been badly deteriorated by acid rain of the 1990’s.  We expect this new roof to last another 100 years.