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This time-lapse video below takes you through the construction at the Mass Ave Lawn and the Reflecting Pool over the most active period of the Plaza Revitalization project 2016 – 2019. The images were captured every 30 minutes.






Plaza Video Update – Reflecting Pool. Get additional insight on the progress of the plaza construction.


Work that has been completed or that is in-process at this point:

  • Selected areas of wood piling foundations have been exposed, inspected and repaired. Sophisticated electronic devices have been installed to monitor building settlement to facilitate timely repair of wood piles in the future.
  • The original Mother Church has been rewired to meet current electrical and fire detection codes.
  • Interior surfaces of the original Mother Church have been restored to include plaster, painting, mosaic tile, and ornamental stenciling.
  • Exterior and interior scaffolding is in place at the Mother Church Extension as limestone surfaces, roofing elements and windows are being restored.
  • Interior scaffolding is in place for repair of damaged plaster and paint.