Project Details

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Key Elements

  • Establish clearly identified informational gateways to the Plaza.
  • Remove barriers that hinder a welcoming and accessible plaza experience for visitors arriving from all major entry points
  • Improve environmental sustainability
    • Reduce municipal water consumption
    • Reduce stormwater runoff
    • Increase the footprint of green space
  • Rebuild the Reflecting Pool
    • Reconstruct to be made shallower to support our water management strategy
    • Maintain the existing level of reflectivity
    • Provide year-round beauty even when pool is empty
    • Provide pedestrian accessibility from Huntington by slightly shortening the length

Phases and schedule

  • Anticipated commencement of construction: Fall 2016
  • Anticipated completion: Summer 2020

Note: As the construction phases evolve, the team will be looking for opportunities to open up various features of the plaza for public enjoyment. The phasing and access pathways are currently being developed and will be available with updates as the project progresses.

Meet the team

  • TFCCS Manager: Robert A. Herlinger, A.I.A., Chief Architect & Strategist
  • Owner’s Project Manager: Redgate Real Estate Advisors
  • Landscape Architect: CRJA-IBI Group
  • Pool and Fountain Consultant: DEW,Inc.
  • Water Management: Nitsch Engineering
  • General Contractor: Consigli Construction, Inc.